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Content Marketing is the most popular marketing approach for small and medium businesses. A study by SEMrush showed that over 91% of businesses use content marketing.

Content marketing helps to inform and engage your audience. New audiences interact with your website frequently hence improving ranking on Google. However, it might be overwhelming to do it all on your own.

Content marketing IDEAS

What is a Blog writing service?

Blog writing service is designed to meet your content goals. Keep your target audience engaged every day. This service provides high-quality custom content.

Why hire our blog writing team?

C-Crawl Creative team ensures that your blog aligns with your content marketing strategy. Our content helps your business to narrate stories about your products or services. Also,  our blog writers have vast experience in all niches. Our blog structure and distribution approach serve as an entry point for new customers and branding.

In addition, our blog writing agency writes an interesting and engaging blog that works for your site. In other words, our blog writing service is customized to your niche of interest and audience. Besides, we ensure that the blog writing package matches your budget and needs.

Need a High-Quality Blog?

Article or Blog Writing

Our blog writing service helps create a buzz around your brand. Content writing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies—a blog writing service package suits small businesses looking for website traffic without using paid ads.

Blogs can drive organic traffic to your site, raising brand awareness and attracting new customers. Our high-quality blogs help you attain these goals.

What is High-Quality Content according to Google's Quality Guidelines?

According to studies, the primary intent for running content marketing campaigns are brand awareness, increasing revenues, and enhancing engagement with readers. 

Note, over 2 million unique blogs are published every 24hrs. That means getting a #1 spot on Google’s search results for key terms in your niche can be challenging. Content quality has become one of the major ranking factors for blogs. Google’s search algorithms use signals to evaluate content quality.

Google’s quality guidelines give a brief idea of writing quality content. But, Google does not tell how quality content looks like exactly. Google is keen on the quality of the content it promotes. Therefore, you should not overlook these guidelines;

  • Creating blog content and pages for your visitors, not for search engine ranking.
  • Tell the truth. Don’t try to use tricks to get attention.
  • Differentiate; provide valuable content to your audience. This helps to make your website unique and outstanding

What are the benefits of writing a High-Quality Blog?

Increase your search engine traffic

It’s quite simple: the more pages of high-quality and original content you have in the online space, the more your business visibility grows through organic searches. Anytime you add and publish a new page, you give more info to your targeted audience about your brand.

Increase your search engine traffic

A blog offers a unique way to communicate your brand to the desired audience. Unlike other social media channels, a high-quality blog gives you a one-on-one connection with your readers. It’s easy to express your thoughts in a way your customers can relate to.

Supports Your Social Media Efforts

Sharing your content on social media will likely drive traffic to your website and increase sales. Also, you can do email marketing where you add blogs to the newsletters. Having a list of the top published content on your site is a good way to keep your audiences engaged.

Build your Domain Authority​

A website that speaks with authority is likely to gain audiences’ trust. Our blog writing service goal is to convert your readers to customers.

Build Inbound Links

Building inbound links are vital for your site SEO performance. High-quality blogs attract bloggers, contributors, authors, journalists, and other brands to use your website content as reference, hence adding your link to their blogs.

Boost Your Leads

More pages; More leads! The more you publish quality blogs, the higher the chances of boosting your brand awareness and conversions.