Citation Building

Did you know that “4 in 5 customers use search engines to find local information?"

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Citation buildings boost your local online visibility.  And the more visible your business, the more leads.  More than half (53%) of searches on Google globally have local intent.  That means it’s essential to be found within the customer’s search intent.

According to research, local businesses with quality citations are 18times more visible than their competitors.  Citation building is vital in increasing search ranking with noticeable results in your online presence.

What is a citation?

A citation is any online mentions for your business.  In other words, it refers to any info about your company’s location (NAP) and website.  These citations are incredibly impactful to your local business, mostly for Local SEO.

How do we build citations?

Your business locations can build citations in many online platforms for local listing.  For instance:

  • Map services such as Apple Maps & Google Maps
  • Local search engines such as Google, Bing & yahoo
  • Review sites such as YellowPage (Yelp) & TrustPilot
  • Social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook
  • Local business directories( & Foursquare)
  • Data Aggregators such as Factual

What is the impact of citations on local SEO?

Boost Local SEO ranking

Building citation is essential for your local SEO efforts and determines whether your business will show up in the SERPs.  Search engines can verify your company’s information through citations and local SEO.

Search engines rank websites based on their prominence and authority.  That means the more your business‘s info appears online, the more prominent your website results appear to the search engine.  C-Crawl Creative experts help you build citations with measurable value to your business.  You can learn more about this product now.

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Improves site Traffic

A better local SEO ranking translates to enhanced visibility in local search engines and increased online appearance in search results, thus increasing website traffic.

Surprisingly, linked and unlinked citations can drive traffic and boost local online presence for your business.  Also, they give you a chance to claim new links and build your link portfolio.

Build trust with customers

Building citation helps your business build trust with search engines and customers.  Having multiple sites, most trusted and high authority sites that cite the same info about your company, communicate to customers and search engines that your company and site are legitimate and trustworthy.

Building a solid citation profile for your company is among the most cost-effective and practical strategies to optimize your Local SEO.  Hiring the best SEO agency to do this task will even help you save thousands of bucks.