Citation Cleanup

Need to boost your Local Search Engine Ranking?  Are you considering citation cleanup services in your SEM campaign?

Google tend to rank trusted brands.  Establishing a strong brand recognized by Google’s entity algorithms starts with consistent Name, Address and Phone Numbers (NAP), company’s website, URL (U) and directory sites.  Our team helps your brand be recognized and rewarded anytime mentioned in the SERPs.  We do a manual citation audit, after which any existing inconsistencies are cleaned up.

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The benefits of citation consistency

Having the right company online promotes legitimate business and hence the high probability of generating more leads.  

With local citations, you provide accurate business info to potential clients.  Besides, search engines get the proper SEO materials to help rank and boost your brand online visibility.

What Citation Cleanup service

Citations refer to mentions or references of your brand on other sites.  Search engines use these online links to connect with your brand.  

Using local citations such as NAP helps your business get credit on these search engines.  Visibility helps to boost your website traffic and conversions.

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Why citation is helpful to your business

Various factors influence Google ranking.  Citations play a crucial role in Google algorithms, helping search engines rank your brand online.  Having many citations in local results increases the ranking of your local business.

Do all citations have the same weight?  No, some citations give more value than others.  Some reputed sites might have more value as compared to local citations.  However, never overlook the weight of local citation, too, as they boost website ranking among local business communities.  Our SEO professionals offer citation and cleanup services to ensure a higher ranking for your business.

Is cleanup service worth it?                                                                              

Yes, citation and cleanup are essential in the SEO process.  It might be time-consuming and tedious; however, it is worth the investment.  You should try as much as possible to avoid wrong SEO approaches that lead to Google penalties, which can affect your business visibility.

Citation and Cleanup services offer

Cleanup services:

  • Citation Consistency
  • Bad links detection
  • Duplicates removal
  • Update inconsistent citations

Citation services:

  • Verification and trust
  • Citation Audit
  • Increase visibility
  • Adding business descriptions

How to gain control over online presence

Hiring a qualified SEO agency that understands how citations affect ranking is critical in gaining and maintaining control over your citations.  No doubt that quality Local citations and reputed sites boost local ranking.

Our package is designed for start-ups businesses.  You can reach out to us for more info.