Content Syndication

Content Syndication, also known as content distribution, is a great alternative to increasing brand visibility. Getting your content noticed by your target audience is not an easy task.


According to Content Marketing Tactic Planner, the most popular content marketers produce 65% of the content, 25% curated from trusted sources, while 10% is content syndication from niche-related sources.

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What is Content Syndication?

Content Syndication is content republishing on third-party websites linked to your original blog. In other words, syndication happens when one blog or site sends content to external blogs or sites. This strategy is helpful for your blog and the prospective site that receives it.

Content Syndication is a great way to publish your content in front of your target audience you have always desired with new readers each day. Search engines prioritize content quality, but it is essential to make sure your content is engaging, relevant, and visible on search ranking.

Online visibility depends on content optimization, SEO optimization, blogging, Social media marketing, link-building strategies, etc.  

Why Content Syndication?

Like any other content distribution channel, content syndication is an excellent tactic to get in front of your desired audiences. According to Semrush report (2020), 16% of content marketers content syndicate a channel.

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Content Syndication Benefits

Content Exposure

Content syndication exposes your brand to prospects, readers, and viewers.

Website Traffic

syndicating is an excellent strategy to generate website traffic to your blog.


Content syndication is a great strategy to generate high-quality backlinks for your website

Lead generation

Syndication can help you generate more leads.

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