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C-Crawl Creative is your trusted partner in Google Ads Campaigns. We are dedicated to managing your Google Ads account, targeting keywords likely to drive buyers to your website. Our campaigns strategy is cost-effective. We utilize powerful research tools to strategize on the most effective focused keywords to drive maximum traffic.

 Google Ads helps you get in front of customers searching for products or services like yours on Google search and maps. It helps your business capture the attention of buyers that you wouldn’t necessarily find through organic search.


What is Google Ad Campaign Management?

Google Ad campaign management involves monitoring and managing paid ads that boost traffic to your site. Google Ads are ranked based on well-defined parameters. Getting organic searches can be overwhelming; these ads allow your site to rank high in the search results without necessarily depending entirely on organic optimization.

What is Google Adwords PPC?

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Google Ads is an advertising service offered by Google to allow businesses or individuals to pay for ads space to rank on Google’s search results. 

The Ads payment plan is under PPC policy, meaning you pay some dollars when the user clicks on your site. Pay-Per-Click is a transparent way to get paid traffic for your site.

According to research(August 2021), Google has over 92% of the market share. Using Google Adwords campaign management is even more vital than ever.

Why Does Your Business Need Google Ads to grow?

Digital marketing is growing every day. Your business needs to adopt the new digital trends to remain relevant and at the top of the market. SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are part of digital marketing. They are sophisticated marketing approaches that require SEO professionals to help develop cost-effective strategies.

Online space has millions of brands; therefore, your company/brand needs to be outstanding to gain attention from target audiences. PPC is a unique strategy to get in front of your target customers. Bidding for focused keywords and displaying your ads before your competitors increase visibility and hence conversion rates.

Our team ensures every coin spent on ads is worth it. Paid search campaigns must be done correctly to save money and time. Our SEO agency is dedicated to all the SEO work for you.

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C-Crawl Creative has gained Ads campaign management experience over the years. We understand the most effective and custom PPC strategy for your brand. We are result driven PPC agency, always giving our clients the highest ROI.